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About BWC Advisory Solutions

BWC Advisory Solutions finds its backbone to be Vishal Bhosale’s relentless commitment to the field of career counseling. Through this company, he went one step further in realizing his dream and, in turn, helping others realize their own dreams.

At BWC Advisory Solutions, every single member strives for continuous improvement. Their business goal is to Transform every individual and align them towards their objectives. And when it comes to delivering values to their customers, Vishal is exceptionally committed as an advisor. At BWC, there is a shared belief that every individual hascapabilities to fulfil their own potential, but due to lack of awareness, knowledge, resources and guidance they are unable, and this is where counseling comes into the picture.

With their own streamlined principles, and processes, and Enlightenment Methodology, theyhelp empower each student to make their dreams come true. Their services include Career Planning and Exploration, Self-Evaluation and Assessment,Career Specialization Path, Admission Procedures,Job Opporunities and Placements, and much more. All of these services and more are listed out on their website www.bwc-solutions.co.in.

When a student walks into BWC Advisory Solutions, he or she can be assured of walking out wit a clear picture in their minds. For the company, these deserving students are more than just clients; they represent the bright future of the country and guiding them in the right direction is a service.